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There are hundreds of reasons why most of the entrepreneurs or the sales team fails to set good B2B appointment. A small mistake can cost you a lot. Here are the common mistakes done by most of the sales team which can loose your potential appointments.

Briefing the Company

What most of the sales team does is, they brief only what they can provide to the clients. But 80 % of the time this doesn’t work. Because they may not get a clear idea of how this will improve their business.

We need to approach clients with a no brainer offer. Also, we need to present them with possible outcomes and growth statistics

The foremost step in pitching a perfect sale should start with giving an awareness to the client about what they can achieve through us.

In short, we need to take a strategic approach to set good B2B appointments.

Lack of Proper Follow Up

The foremost reason for missing most of the appointments are not following the leads we got.

For better response, we must follow the leads strictly in a professional way without any excuses.

Sending delayed emails and notifications to clients will make them feel bad and, may lose interest in your proposal.

Lack of Professionalism

We need to be very professional while talking to other businesses. Our emails should be formal and understandable. Moreover, we should include a brief about our company and what we can do for them with possible outcomes.

Simply sending an appointment request will not help you much. To be successful, approach them in a very professional manner and slowly push them to an appointment.

Rushing to Offer Deals and Discounts.

Another big mistake is rushing to offer deals and discounts to clients. Our priority should be to demonstrate our services and products, and how they will enhance the client’s businesses.

Firstly, try to build a relationship instead of rushing to a deal.
Secondly, aware them.
Thirdly, move to a smooth and transparent deal.

Being Disorganized and Inconsistent

When you have leads and not categorizing them separately will end up losing good appointments. Also, scheduling meetings with prospects without a structured sales approach will make things even worse.

Therefore, categorize each leads like excellent, average, or weak for better efficiency. Moreover, make a calendar for contacting each leads you have.

Making Promises You Can’t Keep

Most of the sales team give a big hype while introducing their services and products to impress the client.

But be sure that, you can do whatever you said while introducing. On the other hand, don’t make promises you can’t keep.

Because you promise something, and not being able to do that will backfires you and hurt your reputation in the market.

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The success rate will drastically improve if you can avoid these common mistakes.
And make sure you are approaching the prospects with an ideal plan to enhance their business and other activities.

Be professional, Be trustworthy, Be organized, Be consistent