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Our primary objective has always been building strong & meaningful partnerships. Not only with our clients, but internally as well. Over the last few years, we’ve gathered digital marketing experts, designers, and developers under one roof to help the education industry increase its visibility, conversions, and revenue. As a result, we’ve built the most connected team in the industry.

What do you do at WEBUZZ?

WEBUZZ under the umbrella of its services handholds educational institutions like Schools, Preschools, Colleges and Training Institutes to transform their digital presence and thereby generate revenue from it. We have successfully served more than 30+ educational clients so far and have generated more than 35,000+ leads for their admissions and openings.

WEBUZZ effectively plans your project based on the season we are in. Branding, Messaging and Admissions are our key focus areas. Our experienced team strategically plans campaigns and offers that are compelling and that lead to higher and high-quality leads. We ensure your social media is highly engaged and followed by all your target audience. Our creatives and messaging keep your brand recall very high.

Our Ultimate aim is to revolutionize the way schools grow. We want them to believe in the power of digital media and how we can fill their needs with lesser budget and higher quality.

We also run and own very successful blog for parents in India called Candid Schools

How it all started in 2017?

WEBUZZ was founded in the summer of 2017 by Varsha Rajaram and Adarsh Kumar. Both the founders share an extensive background in digital marketing with a collective experience of over 7+ years before starting WEBUZZ.
When we started, we wanted to experiment some industries to check where our 360-degree strategy would be the most effective – as we niched down on educational sector in 2018.
Our main focus since then has always been the 360-degree marketing approach where the Brand speaks one brand language across all platforms, which improves the brand retention in customers. We have always followed the lead-first approach to marketing as our Goal for any project.

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