5 Lead Generation Strategies To Double Sales

5 Lead Generation Strategies To Double Sales

The biggest challenge every entrepreneur faces are lead generation and reaching out to the right prospects. Most of the time, our emails and calls are ignored or reached to the wrong prospect. It can be due to poor quality leads or expired leads. We should identify and contact the prospects at the right time when they need your services or products. Similarly, we need to convert them to our customers before any of our competitors do. In short, the quality of leads is very important when it comes to business, marketing, and sales.

Digital marketing is replacing traditional marketing by all means. Because marketing and lead generation is much easier and compelling through digital marketing. Moreover, the conversion rate is higher in digital marketing when we compare with traditional marketing methods and strategies.

In this digital era, reaching out to the prospect through traditional methods is challenging and time-consuming. Because everything is changing from traditional to digitalization. For instance, newspapers are being replaced by e-newspapers, televisions by smartphones and computers, etc. So we need to attract prospects from where they actually spend more time, like social media platforms, Forums, Google, etc. To sum up, the best way to catch your next prospect is through online platforms.

1. Use Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms are one of the best ways to generate leads for your business. Because nowadays, people spend a lot of time on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube. So the best way to reach out to the prospect is through social media. Move to digital marketing instead of wasting time and money on traditional marketing. Because nowadays, traditional marketing is not getting much attention like before from peoples. Moreover, Social media marketing has many advantages over traditional marketing methods. It’s very effective and budget-friendly and has a greater conversion rate when comparing to traditional marketing methods.

In short, having a dedicated page in all popular social media platforms will help you to engage with the audience who are interested in your product and services. Moreover, helps you to find new prospects and leads.

2. Write Eye Catchy Blog Posts

Blogs posts help a lot in the lead generation process. They can attract organic leads through a contact form or live chats from search engines through your website. For instance, when someone searches any queries on google, they might land on your blog post or website. When someone lands on your website, you can directly contact them via live chat or pop messages to collect contact details. Or else, you can leave the process to the chatbots. They automatically send predefined messages to the visitor when they land on your website.

Through live chats, you can engage with the prospect to clear up their doubts. Moreover, you can pitch your sales like how you can help them or you can introduce them to your products and services during the conversation with some exclusive offers. The biggest advantage of writing blog posts is getting quality leads from all over the world.

3. Forums – Quora, Medium, Reddit

It’s a social platform where people ask questions. And anyone in the forum can answer the queries. There are hundreds of forums where people share knowledge and their opinions. Answering the queries in the respective forum can help you in lead generation and backlink building for your business. You can add links to your website from the forums to attract leads and prospects.

Quora – Q&A

Some of the popular forums are;
1. Reddit
2. Quora
3. Medium
4. Stack Overflow

There are many niche forums related to specific topics. What we need to do is, go to those forums. Find questions related to your industry and answer them in three or four paragraphs with a link back to your website. This will increase website traffic and enhance lead generation. The whole idea of writing answers in forums is to attract prospects and leads for your business.

4. Create Google My Business.

It’s a place on Google where you can list your business with all the details like address, phone number, website, images, and working hours. For instance, if someone searches “Digital marketing companies in Bangalore” on google, Google my business will show the business around them like this with all the details.

Google My Business

As we all know, Google will show the most relevant results to the user. Getting listed on the first ten results can help to a lot in inbound lead generation. Because the user will get what they want from the first page itself and 90% of people click one of the first six results. Businesses with more reviews, ratings, photos, and details are more likely to get ranked in the top ten list of google search results.

5. Search Engine Optimization – SEO

SEO is one of the best practices you can do to rank well in google. Moreover, ranking on the first page will get you enough leads through your website and social media pages. To rank well, we need to optimize our website and social media pages in such a way that Google can easily understand our business model and activities. Once you rank on the first page, you will get organic traffic to your website and you can communicate with the prospects through live chat from your website. These days, 60% of high-quality leads are generated from their own websites and social media pages.

These are the best organic ways to increase high-quality leads and sales. Try these 5 lead generation strategies to double your lead generation and sales.