5 Tips To Transform Your School’s Approach To Marketing

Marketing strategies for schools and educational institutions would no longer align with the pre-pandemic approaches. The world has circumstantially shifted online and so has the marketing methodologies. To keep up with the league’s new rules, schools need to ditch traditional ways of marketing and adopt the best digital marketing strategies. 

Here are 5 tips to transform your school’s approach to marketing. 

  1. Invest in a converting website 
  2. Build email workflows 
  3. Invest in building a brand presence online
  4. Start a blog for your school 
  5. Invest in video content forms

Invest in a converting website

Gone are the days when people would ask friends and family about a school. The first reflex is to go online and search for the school. This brings your school website into play. A poorly designed website is not better but worse than no website at all. However, a good website with effective copywriting can be a game changer altogether. Consider these stats:

  1. 79% of people will go back and search for another site if they don’t like what they find on a website. 
  2. 52% of people say that bad mobile experience make them less likely to proceed with a company
  3. It is 5 times more likely for mobile users to abandon a task if a site isn’t optimized for mobile
  4. If the site takes more than 3 seconds to load 40% visitors will leave therefore, 47% of visitors expect your site to load within two seconds. 
  5. 94% of first impressions are based on design. (And as per the article from ISM — “website first impressions are like job interviews, you only get one.”)

Build email workflows

Email workflows, also referred to as an “email drip campaign” or “automated emails” commonly, are a staple of school marketing strategies. Email workflows are basically a set of emails that are automatically sent to the subscribers. It is based on the subscriber information, behaviour or preferences. For instance, an email workflow can be induced by a contact submitting a form, it can also be induced by a parent’s enrolment details.

You can use the following agendas for emailing parents. 

  1. Welcome newly enrolled students & parents
  2. Convert prospective leads who recently inquired
  3. On-board new staff and faculty members 
  4. Set reminders for community members of deadlines or upcoming events 
  5. Promote school events

Invest in building a brand presence

Building a strong brand presence online is no longer restricted to businesses. In the post-pandemic era, schools need to gear up too. A strong brand presence online creates credibility and therefore increases chances of conversion. Make sure your school appears at the top when searched on Google, Instagram, Facebook or YouTube. Stay consistent with posting relevant and valuable content on social media.

Start a blog for your school

Blog posts are a great way to add value, build thought leadership, share stories that aren’t being told elsewhere, bring forward the voices of your community, develop a strong content library, and enhance your organic performance in Google search. Even though a school blog is not as important as the other marketing strategies discussed here (i.e. your website, email campaigns, etc.), for schools looking to take charge of their online storytelling, blogs are a great place to start.

Before you start a school blog, ask the following questions:

  1. Who will be writing our blog content?
  2. Where will the blogs be published?
  3. What editing process will we adopt? 
  4. Who is our target audience?
  5. What are the topics and themes we want to write about?
  6. Are we resourceful enough to post consistently? (At least once per week is recommended.)

Invest in video content forms

Video content formats get more engagement than any other form of content. Thus, start taking baby steps to integrate video content into your marketing strategies. You can use them for your website, social media, or even emails for that matter. 

If you’re concerned about the time and resources, we’ve good news for you! Video making has never been easier. No one expects you to market with Hollywood-like videos for your school. 

You can consider the following tips if you’d like to incorporate video marketing in your strategy. 

  1. Start small by posting one video content each week. You can do it with Instagram reels using Canva or regular video making tools. 
  2. Make a repository of video ideas. Tips from teachers, testimonials and interviews make captivating videos.
  3. Chalk out a YouTube strategy. 
  4. Go live on Instagram regularly to provide valuable content. 
  5. Enlist the help of your community. Students in particular are great resources for creating video content.

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